Vintage race cars provide an incredible level of performance, euphoria over their history and a feeling when driven that is second to none. Along with the ownership of these race cars comes the responsibility of proper care, maintenance and trackside support for the ultimate enjoyment. With the possibility to develop this service, what services does your vintage race car require on track and in between events?

As a design, engineering and manufacturing company in the motorsports industry; we are constantly building and developing race cars. This expertise along with our teams’ experience in all forms of road racing gives us the foundation to offer these services. Our engineers, mechanics, fabricators and painters are adept to perform services from maintenance to restoration. Additionally, we would offer track preparation, pre-event inspection, suspension alignment and corner balancing.  

Track side services would include transport, set-up, pit lane support and behind-the-wall services. With our years of experience at track with winning programs, we would help you get the most out of your vintage race car from prep to track side adjustments to professional driver coaching. All our customers would need is to arrive and drive with the assurance that their vintage race car is in tip-top shape and ready to race.

The only way Long Road Racing works is with our philosophy: Winning with Personal Service. This concept entitles our customers with the best service, attention and effort to win based on their goals. We are dedicated to success for our customers which has been the hallmark to our business culture. So, what do you say? Let’s get those glorious vintage race cars back on track where you and they are most happy.

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