Long Road Racing Cup for Gentlemen Racers, Motorsport Clubs and You

Let’s create memories, foster friendships and crown champions! Long Road Racing has listened to customers and prospects about the need for more regional events for Global MX-5 Cup race cars. Our idea is to create a nationwide gentlemen’s race series that will crown individual and club champions. Let’s bring this idea to the track:

LRR: Building dreams via design, engineering & manufacturing.

With our team of engineers, mechanics, racers and car enthusiasts, Long Road Racing (LRR) does more than just build race cars and performance vehicles: we build dream machines. We develop and produce Global MX-5 Cup race cars and Ultimate MX-5 performance vehicles in addition to building custom cars of all makes and models. What drives us is that we create vehicles that enable people to live their dreams. From racing for the $200K Mazda Motorsports scholarship in the Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup Series presented by BF Goodrich or driving an Ultimate MX-5 on favorite open roads, our customers experience the joys of living. What dreams have you realized through LRR?