With our team of engineers, mechanics, racers and car enthusiasts, Long Road Racing (LRR) does more than just build race cars and performance vehicles: we build dream machines. We develop and produce Global MX-5 Cup race cars and Ultimate MX-5 performance vehicles in addition to building custom cars of all makes and models. What drives us is that we create vehicles that enable people to live their dreams. From racing for the $200K Mazda Motorsports scholarship in the Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup Series presented by BF Goodrich or driving an Ultimate MX-5 on favorite open roads, our customers experience the joys of living. What dreams have you realized through LRR?

We are fortunate to have the team on hand to build these vehicles. Our engineering capabilities includes computational fluid design, Solidworks CAD design, aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, data engineering and advanced composite mold design. Further, we have the expertise and the systems in place to utilize these resources to deliver the best performance for our vehicles. Long Road Racing utilizes our mechanics, fabricators, painters and technicians to facilitate testing and to produce the quality product you have known and enjoyed.  

“Winning with Personal Service” has always been our motto. For us, it means to do everything in our power to produce the best vehicles and engineered solutions with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We take pride in our work an in giving an experience which provides our customers with confidence and trust. This motto also means to take care of our customers and stand behind our product after the initial customer experience. Just recenlty, we conducted high-intensity testing, involving customers and our team of mechanics and engineers to test and verify cooling capabilities on the Global MX-5 Cup cars.

Making the field for races #3 & #4 in Global MX-5 Cup Series.

Here’s an interesting one. We helped a racer in need of a Global MX-5 Cup car find a new car before his next race a couple of weeks away. On the other end of the transaction was an excited customer awaiting completion of his GMX-5 Cup car. Unfortunately for the customer, he suffered a sports injury which forced him to put the car on the market, before he even took delivery. The transaction between the racer and customer was completed and Long Road Racing delivered the car to the racer at the next event. The kicker? The custom cage color on the new car was identical to the cage color on the racer’s original car.

Whether you’re a race team looking to add a championship or a car enthusiast looking to add a performance suspension system to your Mazda MX-5, we are here to help you with the right solution with unmatched support. Our goal is to build the products that drive your dreams.