Let’s create memories, foster friendships and crown champions! Long Road Racing has listened to customers and prospects about the need for more regional events for Global MX-5 Cup race cars. Our idea is to create a nationwide gentlemen’s race series that will crown individual and club champions. Let’s bring this idea to the track:

Step 1: See below.

Step 2: Motorsports resorts and clubs (Club) integrate a local race series into its existing schedule exclusively for the Global MX-5 Cup race cars. This series would be open to its Club members and all Global MX-5 Cup owners. The inclusion of all Global MX-5 Cup racers into the Club series would increase the number of Global MX-5 Cup participants and to allow Clubs to meet prospective new members. For each Club with a Global MX-5 Cup race series, they crown a Club champion.

Step 3: Those individual champions are invited to compete in a national race. And here’s where the fun begins: each of the Clubs create race teams to compete in the national competition against other participating Clubs. With the development of this concept, the best gentlemen drivers compete for an individual title AND the teams compete for a Club championship. Ideally, the championship round would be held at a neutral race track with points being scored by finishing position of the participants. Morphing a traditionally-individual sport into a team sport can create a wonderful experience founded in motorsport.

The proper execution of this Club championship series will increase the venues where Global MX-5 Cup racers can compete, help Clubs identify new members and provide lifelong memories for gentlemen racers. And with enough regional participation (NE, SE, SW, etc…), this series could hold regional championships in addition to the national championship.

Step #1 is to develop this concept with you and your Club for the 2020 season. Let us connect today about your interest and ideas so we can create this exciting race series.

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