Shift like a pro with the SADEV 6-Speed sequential gearbox for your Global MX-5 Cup car or Ultimate MX-5 track car. The addition of a SADEV sequential gearbox brings your driving experience to a new level with no-lift upshifts and auto-blip, rev-matched downshifts. The addition of this gearbox will take the focus off of shifting and place it on your race craft.

The SADev unit was selected for its elegance in engineering, reliability, speed and usability. Mazda pro racers Chad McCumbee and Tom Long developed the gearbox, and regularly set lap times two seconds faster than those with the conventional gearbox. McCumbee noted that, “The SADev transmission was a complete blast to drive. I appreciate LRR allowing me to assist in the development process. The gearbox added speed & excitement to an already amazing platform!”

Long echoed the feeling, “The SADev sequential gearbox integrates beautifully into the Global MX-5 Cup car package. The thrill of no-lift shifting mated to quick precise gear changes takes the driving experience to the next level. A must for any driver looking to add that next step component to their GMX-5 racecar.”

Mazda MX-5 Cup Sequential Transmission Package features:

• SADev 6-speed sequential transmission
• Custom SFI approved bell housing
• Aluminum flywheel with replaceable steel friction surface
• 7.25” 2 disc metallic racing clutch
• LRR engineered drive train mounts
• Custom made driveshaft
• Custom ECU tune that allows flat shift and auto blip for downshifts
• 3.45 rear gear with factory limited slip differential

SADEV installation instructions Rev2.6 5-14-18

SADEV Updates for GEMS ECU and AiM MXL2 data system

After the installation of the gearbox, the required updated to the GEMS ECU and AiM MLX2 data system must also be updated following the procedures below:

1.0         The GEMS ECU must be updated to 01L38 Firmware and the LRR Sadev 1.0 Calibration file to provide the upshift assist and downshift auto-blip for the no lift / no clutch shifts.  This can only be done by Long Road Racing personnel.  Contact Long Road Racing to schedule your update if you have not done so already.

1.1         AiM’s RaceStudio3 software must have the GEMS ND V3 ECU driver installed.

1.1.1        Download the GEMS ND V3 ECU driver here.

1.1.2        This must be done before importing the new configuration.

1.1.3        Instructions for installation are found below.

1.2         The AiM MXL2 must have a configuration built from the GEMS ND V3 ECU driver.  We have 4 premade configurations available for download below:

1.2.1        LRR SADEV V1.0 Basic:  This is a basic configuration with no Pit Speed Limiter and no additional temperature or pressure sensors added.

1.2.2        LRR SADEV V1.1 Basic Pit:  This is the Basic configuration with the Pit Speed Limiter Added.        Only use this configuration if you have the Pit Speed Limiter hardware installed.  The limiter can be triggered accidentally if the hardware is not also installed.

1.2.3        LRR SADEV V1.2 Basic Plus: Basic configuration with Transmission Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure and Water Pressure Added.

1.2.4        LRR SADEV V1.3 Basic Plus Pit: Basic Plus Configuration with Pit Speed Limiter Added.       Only use this configuration if you have the Pit Speed Limiter hardware installed.  The limiter can be triggered accidentally if the hardware is not also installed.

Instructions for Adding the GEMS ND V3 ECU driver to Race Studio 3:

1.0         Download GEMS ND V3 MXL2 ECU Driver above.

1.1         Open Race Studio3, click on the “CAN PROTOCOLS” Icon.

1.2         Import the downloaded MXL2 ECU Driver.

1.2.1        After Import Manufacturer should say Mazda, Model should say Gems ND V3.

Instructions for Update AIM MXL2 dash with provided configuration:

1.0         Download appropriate MXL2 Sadev Configuration above.

1.1         In Race Studio3, click on the “Configurations” Icon.

1.2         Import the downloaded MXL2 Configuration.

1.3         Connect Computer to Vehicle using MXL2 USB Cable, turn power on and “Transmit” the configuration file.

1.4         Once transmission is complete verify that ECU information such as RPM, Gear Position, Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT), etc is displaying correctly on the MXL2.

1.4.1        If all items are displaying correctly, turn power off and disconnect computer.