Long Road Racing offers a variety of options to personalize your Global MX-5 Cup car. From getting spare wheels and tires to adding a SADEV 6-speed sequential gearbox; Long Road Racing will customize your vehicle for you based on your plans for racing or driving.

SADEV Sequential 6-speed Gearbox

Not eligible for GMX-5 Cup, SCCA T3 or NASA PTC. Drive like a pro and never miss a shift with this sequential gearbox from SADEV. This transmission allows for no-lift upshifts under acceleration and auto-blip downshifts under braking. The only use of the clutch is when starting the vehicle into motion. Simply pull back for upshifts and push forward for downshifts. This transmission will transform your track experience by allowing you to save time in shifts as well as to concentrate more on driving. More information.

Additional Wheels and Tires

Your Global MX-5 Cup car comes with a new set of 215/610R17 BFGoodrich DRY racing slicks mounted on RAYS Wheels. These are the official tires for the Global MX-5 Cup series. For wet-weather driving, BFGoodrich offers a homologated RAIN tire for the MX-5 Cup series. For SCCA and NASA, BFGoodrich offers their DOT-approved tires as required.

Note: It is common for customers to add 1 EXTRA set of BFG DRY tires mounted on Rays wheels for quick tire changes and 1 set of BFG RAIN tires mounted on Rays wheels in case of inclement weather. — If you are using a commercial shipper for transport , we recommend that you alert them that you have additional sets of tires. —

Custom Interior and Roll Cage Paint:

Customize your roll cage and interior tub with a color of your choice. For your information, all Global MX-5 Cup roll cages and interior tubs are painted with a single-stage automotive paint in a standard medium grey color (which matches a common brand-name spray paint for touch-ups). If you’d like to add a custom color roll cage and interior tub we can work together to finalize on a color of your choice. Below are a couple examples of colors we have painted for our customers. Click here to open the custom color palette.

Fascia Reinforcements:

These fascia reinforcement are mandatory to run in the Global MX-5 Cup Series.  These corner braces located in the front and rear corners reduce fascia damage from incidental corner contact and reduce the need for front fender liners. If you are not planning to race in the Global MX-5 Cup Series, this is a highly-recommended option to keep the front fender liners in place.

Ballast Weight:

Your car will come with a weight box securely mounted to the passenger floor to contain weight required as part of the homologated car. If you are driving in the Global MX-5 Cup or other racing series, now is a good time to plan ahead on purchasing any additional weight to compensate for the allotted 220 lbs. for driver and gear. It is better to purchase the ballast with the new car as shipping the plates separately will likely cost more than the price of the weights. Weights come in 10-lb and 5-lb plates. Please note that only homologated weights are allowed in all race series.

Click HERE for the suggested number of 10# and 5# ballast plates.

Right Side Passenger Kit:

If you are also interested in HPDE (high performance driving education) events with a passenger in your car, we offer an HPDE right seat package. This package includes a right-side seat plate on which to mount a second racing seat, a second set of racing belts, an aluminum foot rest floor panel and roll bar padding.

If you do not need the homologated ballast box, we’d be happy to switch that out as an even exchange for the right-side seat plate, the right-side foot rest and roll bar padding. In this case you will provide the passenger seat and passenger seat belts. Naturally, we recommend that you provide your instructor / passenger with the same level of safety equipment (seat with halo, harnesses and other items that you’d use for yourself).

Mazda Motorsports Hard Top:

Use of the Mazda Motorsports hard top is not eligible for the Global MX-5 Cup series. This hardtop is required for Pirelli World Challenge. Whether it is required by your racing sanction or you simply prefer a hard top for your track-day car, this option adds improved aerodynamics over an open top, provides an extra layer of safety and offers protection against inclement weather.

Custom Painted Hard Top:

Each of the Mazda Motorsports hard tops are painted white with a gel coat. Due to the nature of the gel coat, these tops are easily scratched or scuffed. Long Road Racing recommends that customers either apply a vinyl wrap the top or to have it pained. Long Road Racing will paint the hard top in your preferred color choice (similar to the custom cage and interior paint). A common preference is to paint the hardtop black to match the windshield surround panels.

Polycarbonate Windshield

Mazda is now offering a polycarbonate windshield manufactured by Five Star to minimize potential mishaps like chips and cracks from a glass windshield intended for street-use. This windshield comes with 4 tear-offs from New Vision that both protect and extend the life of the windshield. In order to remain homologated to Global MX-5 standards, the windshield must be used with a bracket
mounting set developed by Long Road Racing to keep the weight and balance the same as the stock setup.

Windshield Tear-offs:

Add a new set of 4-layer New Vision tear-offs to your glass windshield for additional protection against chips and to quickly tear off dirt and grime during a race.

AiM Smarty Cam:

Add video to your Global MX-5 Cup car to compliment your AiM MXL2 data acquisition system with the Smarty Cam. This is a great way to share your driving experience and to use the video to reduce your times. If you would like to add the integrated AiM Smarty Cam, we will install it for you in your car free of charge during assembly.

AiM Input Sensors:

The AiM MXL2 data system addition is extended to include two sets of input sensors: 1) the monitoring of engine oil pressure and temperature 2) transmission temperature. Having the sensors can alert the driver if conditions exceed normal ranges. Each of these options include installation and reconfiguration of the AiM dash to monitor the sensors.

Pit Lane Speed Limiter:

Avoid unnecessary drive thru penalties for speeding on pit lane. This kit includes a steering-wheel mounted activation button and a dial installed on the console to enable you to select your correct pit lane speed – 30, 35, 40 or 45 MPH.

Damper Wrench Set:

Adjust your dynamic dampers for your Global MX-5 Cup car with this set.

Transport Side Windows (pair):

If you plan to transport your Global MX-5 Cup car on an open trailer or to store it for an extend period of time, Long Road Racing offers these removable side-windows to protect the inside of your car. These side windows are made from Lexan and bolt into place for a custom fit.

Office Chair Seat Base:

Add some Mazda swagger to your office or conference room with a MX-5 Office chair. Your Global MX-5 Cup car is delivered with a driver-side factory seat to facilitate getting it on and off the trailer. What are you going to do once you install your race seat? Long Road Racing offers a custom engineered bracket designed to mount the factory seat to the office chair base.