Here are the commonly asked questions about the Global MX-5 Cup car. If you have additional questions you’d like to ask, we welcome your call or email.

What comes with the Global MX-5 Cup car?

With your purchase comes a race car with everything you need for racing but an FIA-approved driver’s seat.  Because drivers have a specific preference for their seat fitment and driving position, it is best for that step to take place with your involvement after delivery.  GMX-5 Options can be found here.

Safety equipment including a 6-point harness, window net, center net and racing mirror are included in the trunk. Further, Cool-aide is also in the trunk for you to use to fill your coolant system.

What will the car have in the cooling system? 

You don’t have to worry about picking up and transporting home your car during the winter months; we’ll deliver your car with anti-freeze which you will remove and replace with the specified Cool-aide coolant additive provided in the trunk.

What documentation comes with the car?

Attached to the steering wheel of your car you’ll receive a USB memory stick with several files on them. Access to these files can be found at GMX-5 Documentation:

  • User Guide –  information about car set up and maintenance intervals
  • Homologation document – details the racing parts added to the car
  • A backup AiM config file (if needed)
  • Fire bottle users guide
  • BFGoodrich tires use care guide
  • FIA safety equipment information,
  • IMSA safety cage certificate.

In the trunk of the car you’ll also find several hard-copy user’s manuals for other products installed in the car.  Contact us if you’d like a copy of these documents in advance of your car delivery or purchase.

What can I do with the stock driver’s seat when done?

After installing your race seat, save the MX-5 Mazda production seat and order an office chair seat base kit from us for a great conversation piece for your home office or conference room!

How do I learn to maximize my driving skills in the car?  

There are several sources for improving your driving skills and knowledge of adjustments in the Global MX-5 Cup car.  We have a handy guide for you which explains basic adjustment concepts – GMX5 Basic Shock Tuning Suggestions.  There are Mazda Factory Drivers such as Andrew Carbonell that have written articles on the topic and many of these drivers are also available for private 1:1 coaching (contact us for a list of potential coaching sources).  Because of our close collaboration during engineering, the Global MX-5 Cup car on the iRacing simulation platform is identical to the actual car and provides a great practice opportunity.  Mazda scholarship driver Glenn McGee offers iRacing sim group coaching sessions.  Also, Long Road Racing offers small workshops at track events like David Murry Track Days which provide you and your crew a hands-on learning experience on determining how to make car adjustments for tracks and weather conditions.  Contact us for details.

How much weight ballast do I need? 

Your car will come with a weight box securely mounted to the passenger floor for use in the MX-5 Cup series or any other race series with a minimum car weight.  Prior to delivery is a good time to plan ahead on purchasing any additional homologated weight you will need for the car to compensate for the allotted 220 lbs. for driver and gear so that you can have the weights delivered with the car.  Shipping on weight plates separately will likely be more costly than the price of the weights.  Please note that only homologated weights will be allowed for Global MX-5 Cup series.  (Click HERE for suggested ballast weight)

How do I mount my cool suit cooler to the car?

You can securely mount your cool suit cooler or any gear you’d like to run during testing (like a laptop, etc.) to the top of the ballast box. Long Road Racing has included tabs on top of the box so you can strap down your cooler.

Can I have right side passenger / instructor capability?

The Global MX-5 Cup car roll cage is designed to provide safety for both the right and left sides of the car, including door bars.  If you’d like to equip your car with the capability to have a passenger and/or instructor for track day events, we can add a right side seat plate to mount the second racing seat, a second set of racing belts, an aluminum foot rest floor panel with grip for the right side, and additional roll bar padding on that side of the car to your car order.  Naturally, we recommend that you provide your instructor or passenger with the level of safety equipment including seat (with halo) that you’d be using for yourself.  When using the right-side seat plate, it replaces the ballast box that would otherwise be in the right-hand side of the car.  (See picture below for our right side kit of seat plate, foot rest and foot rest.)

Will there be updates made to the car since initial availability?

Occasionally, both Long Road Racing and Mazda Motorsports review feedback from customers, sanctioning bodies and team members to determine whether changes are necessary. These Technical Service Bulletins can be found here.