Global MX-5 Cup is the best value in motorsports! From professional racing to high-performance driver’s education; Global MX-5 Cup car is your vehicle for ultimate thrills at manageable costs.

The Mazda Global MX-5 Cup car is a purpose-built race car from the 2016+ Mazda MX-5 known as the “ND” or fourth generation.  All Global MX-5’s are built from brand new, white sport-trim cars exclusively by Long Road Racing in Statesville, NC. Below, you will find information on race car specs, options, build process, FAQ, technical bulletins and series racing information.

Here is an inside look at Long Road Racing and what goes into a Global MX-5 Cup car.

GMX-5 Options

Long Road Racing offers a variety of options to personalize your Global MX-5 Cup car. From getting spare wheels and tires to adding a SADEV 6-speed sequential gearbox; Long Road Racing will customize your vehicle for you based on your plans for racing or driving.

GMX-5 Build Process

The transformation of a brand new Mazda MX-5 into a Global MX-5 Cup race car is amazing. This build process will take you through the normal steps from start to finish in delivering a professionally-built, factory-supported race car.


Here are the commonly asked questions about the Global MX-5 Cup car. If you have additional questions you’d like to ask, we welcome your call or email.

GMX-5 Documentation

Understand and apply the important information for your ND.1 and ND.2 Global MX-5 Cup race car. What is included for your Global MX-5 Cup race car are Homologation Documents, Owner Information, AiM Dash Configurations and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s). Click on the generation of Global MX-5 Cup car that you own as specified by the code (ND.#) and model range (year).

GMX-5 Racing Info

The Global MX-5 Cup race car was developed to compete in a variety of race series. Whether you plan to race professionally or as an amateur, the following sanctions offer a class for your Global MX-5 Cup car to compete. So fasten your chinstrap, secure your harnesses and race wheel-to-wheel, spec-series racing!