Long Road Racing (LRR) has expanded its engineering team to increase our capabilities as a race car design, engineering and manufacturing company. This expertise has propelled our service offering to help customers in need of specialized design and engineering services. Combining these capabilities with LRR’s quality fabrication, detailed assembly, professional customer service and winning pedigree will result in more success for our customers.

Long Road Racing’s engineering team experience spans race engineering, design engineering, scale wind tunnel testing, vehicle model design, race car dynamics, vehicle data system consultation and product development/testing. Within these skill sets include proficiency in instrumentation, CAD design, CFD and advanced composite mold design. What this means for our customers is that we can take a concept, design it, produce a prototype and test the new concept for the desired outcome. Having these capabilities under one roof will help our customers with a comprehensive, competitive solution from a single partner.

Having engineering experience is one thing; having engineering experience in professional auto racing is another. Our firsthand experience has been learned and applied throughout the world of professional auto racing from IMSA to World-Challenge to NASCAR to INDYCAR. Additionally, this team has worked on formula cars, prototypes, sports cars and stock cars through private racing teams and for auto racing manufacturers. Whether your needs are to build a race car from concept, to design specialized FIA-certified roll cages, to develop parts to improve performance, Long Road Racing has the skillset and talent to deliver.