“Everything was amazing. It’s like a luxury Spec Miata.” said one of our test drivers of the Mazda ND.1 Global MX-5 Cup. Rossini Racing Products hosted an arrive and drive test session with Long Road Racing at VIRginia International Raceway on August 16 & 17. The concept is to develop a platform based on the current Global MX-5 Cup homologated race car to give amateur racers and club racers the opportunity to compete in a truly-spec class.

“People have come to me and asked how they can compete in amateur racing where budget doesn’t dictate who wins,” says Mike Rossini, owner of Rossini Racing Products. “The Global MX-5 is a car that uses a formula that works where all the parts are spec’d, giving racers the chance to compete against an even playing field.” Each part on a Global MX-5 Cup car is specified in the homologation document, so any variance is against the rules. Further, the entire driveline is sealed which prevents tampering and minimizes the racers’ cost to compete. Racing in Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup series presented by BF Goodrich Tires is a testament to the formula: after 6 of the 12 races, the combined margin of victory was just over 3 seconds and the series had nearly 1,000 passes for position.

During the weekend, we were able to provide 8 racers with the opportunity to lap VIR’s 3.27-mile full course in the Mazda #77 GMX5 Chassis #4. Still on its original engine from 2016, this car had competed in (2) 25-Hours of Thunderhill races and thousands of miles of development driving, media test-drives and Mazda scholarship drives. This exact car was driven to victory in November 2018 by Japanese driver Yuui Tsutsumi to win the first of 2 Global MX-5 Cup Challenge races for $50,000. Even with the history of this car, it continues to deliver race-winning performance and is a testament to longevity with proper maintenance.

Each of the 8 drivers were licensed to race with experience in everything from Miata’s to Corvette’s to BMW’s. One thing they all the experienced was the joy to drive the Global MX-5 Cup car with the aspiration to race against others in these cars. More information will be relayed as the concept develops to create another avenue for racers to experience the Global MX-5 Cup race car, the best value in motorsports.