Developing an ND.1 Global MX-5 Cup Racing Concept

“Everything was amazing. It’s like a luxury Spec Miata.” said one of our test drivers of the Mazda ND.1 Global MX-5 Cup. Rossini Racing Products hosted an arrive and drive test session with Long Road Racing at VIRginia International Raceway on August 16 & 17. The concept is to develop a platform based on the current Global MX-5 Cup homologated race car to give amateur racers and club racers the opportunity to compete in a truly-spec class.

ND2 Global MX-5 Cup Proves Its Winning Formula

The “Best Value in Motorsports” is proving to be “Best in Class” in motorsports as the 2019 (ND.2) Mazda Global MX-5 Cup (GMX-5 Cup) races past the halfway point in the season. In addition to the high level of competition in Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup presented by BF Goodrich Tires, the newest-generation GMX-5 Cup race cars are bringing home wins in the SRO World Challenge TCA class and in the SCCA T3 class. Racers continue make dreams real with Mazda Motorsports and Mazda’s Global MX-5 Cup car.

Vintage Race Car Service, Restoration and Track Support

Vintage race cars provide an incredible level of performance, euphoria over their history and a feeling when driven that is second to none. Along with the ownership of these race cars comes the responsibility of proper care, maintenance and trackside support for the ultimate enjoyment. With the possibility to develop this service, what services does your vintage race car require on track and in between events?

Long Road Racing Cup for Gentlemen Racers, Motorsport Clubs and You

Let’s create memories, foster friendships and crown champions! Long Road Racing has listened to customers and prospects about the need for more regional events for Global MX-5 Cup race cars. Our idea is to create a nationwide gentlemen’s race series that will crown individual and club champions. Let’s bring this idea to the track: