Long Road Racing has a history of winning since 2001. The formula includes more than just a great driver.

Winning is about having a properly setup vehicle, about preparation for the worst and the expectation for the best and about teamwork with a common goal and plan of action. Together, the combination of these facets along with a little luck creates the opportunity to win. Here’s the story about Long Road Racing.

Initial success in amateur and pro racing.

Long Road Racing’s history started in 2001 with racing preparation and support services at the amateur levels. After a superb run in Spec Miata with multiple Club Racing victories, Long Road Racing advanced to professional racing. And in 2005, we won the Pro Spec Miata championship! This success lead to compete in the IMSA Continental Sports Car Challenge with Freedom Autosport. In 2011, we brought home the manufacturer’s championship for Mazda!

Developing the Global MX-5 Cup race car.

Following the success with Freedom Autosport, Long Road Racing embarked on a new project with Mazda Motorsports. We were to become the exclusive builder of the Global MX-5 Cup race cars from the 4th generation (ND) Mazda MX-5. This homologated spec-series would be the platform for the development of professional road racing drivers in America, Asia and Europe. The highlight of the series is a $200,000 scholarship from Mazda to advance drivers up the ladder of professional racing.

With an initial estimate of building 40 Global MX-5 Cup cars, the overwhelming interest has generated over 195 orders! Further, its low-cost of maintenance has branded it the best value in motorsports. Long Road Racing continues to work with Mazda Motorsports through the development of a more powerful engine in the 2019 race car. Additionally, we provide trackside support at each of the Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup Series events presented by BF Goodrich Tires.

Developing the Ultimate MX-5 sports car.

To compliment our history of racing and race cars, Long Road Racing has developed the Ultimate MX-5 street car for sports car enthusiasts. We have utilized our racing pedigree and knowledge of Mazda MX-5 Miata to increase the performance capabilities of the MX-5. We create engineered solutions, not just parts that fit. This approach intensifies the feeling of being one with your vehicle as all parts work together.

Winning with Personal Service focuses on our customers and our dedication to build what people want: great race cars and sports cars that are fun to drive and professionally built. Whether it is a Global MX-5 Cup car, an Ultimate MX-5 or a custom-fabricated roll cage for your track car; you can trust that Long Road Racing will stand behind you and our work.