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Spec Miata roll cage
Spec Miata SM dropped seat mounting area
Spec Miata roll cage paint
Spec Miata cages and parts available

Spec Miata cage solutions

Long Road Racing and Rossini Racing Products are excited to announce a formal partnership for Spec Miata race car builds.  This partnership will further enhance the custom Rossini Racing built SM cars and will now contain a Long Road Racing designed, engineered, and installed roll cage solution and other pro racing components.  This partnership extends Rossini Racing’s evolution as a single-source provider of SM and other race car needs.

SM race car features provided by Long Road Racing include:

  • Machine bent and laser cut roll cage components made to engineering specifications.
  • TIG welded cage installation to MIG welded base plates.
  • Optional extra-thick dropped seat mounting area to serve as a floor replacement for additional head room.
  • Ancillary brackets for driver convenience and safety.
  • Professional grade fuel pump out kit.
  •  Automotive grade professionally applied paint available in any single-stage automotive color of your choice.

Also available is the SM roll cage solution as a kit for self-installation.

Spec Miata parts

We have a variety of Spec Miata custom engineered components available for purchase for your Spec Miata, including a ballast box that mounts to the factory seat mounting points in the passenger floor and a professional-grade fuel pump out kit.  See pictures below and contact us for pricing.