The below set of information applies to the 2019+ ND.2 Global MX-5 Cup race car AND converted ND.2 Global MX-5 Cup race cars from the prior-generation. What is included in this page is the Homologation Document, Owner information (USB drive contents), AiM Dash Configurations and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s).
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Click here to view the documentation for the 2016-2018 ND.1 Global MX-5 Cup race car.

GMX-5 Homologation Document

2019 ND2 Global MX-5 Cup Vehicle Homologation Rev 2, 2-1-2019

GMX-5 Owner Information

All new Global MX-5 Cup cars are delivered with a set of documents on a USB memory stick attached to the steering wheel of the car.

2019 ND.2 Global MX-5 Cup User Guide Version 1.2, 2-7-19

Mazda MX-5 Cup BFG Care Feeding.v5 Feb-17 FINAL

Fire Bottle FIAZ2000 Fitting Instructions 1-30-19

FIA Article 253 2019 Safety Equipment

IMSA_Safety_Cage_IMSA_Certificate_2015_MX-5 Ch130

Right Side Kit Information Letter

GMX5 – ND.2 Conversion Instructions

2019 Global MX-5 Cup ND2 Conversion Instructions Rev 5, 2-12-19

GMX5 – AiM Configurations

Global MX-5 Cup cars include the AiM MXL-2 data system.. Data Configuration files for the AiM system can be selected and downloaded from the list below.  The file you need is dependent on the particular features you have added to your car.  (Note that all configuration files below are used after the GEMS ECU has been updated to firmware version 01L30 as specified in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) #2-28-17A.)  

Always update the RaceStudio3 software prior to updating configuration files to ensure the latest ECU drivers are being used.  The latest RaceStudio3 software can be downloaded at the AiM website.

Configuration files for use with AiM Race Studio v3.14.00 and later are below:

2019 GMX-5 ND2 Bosch ECU Basic V1.0

2019 GMX-5 ND2 Bosch ECU Basic Plus V1.1

GMX-5 Technical Service Bulletins

For Technical Service Bulletins for the prior-generation GMX5 (ND.1), click here.

Bulletin #01-24-2019 – OPTIONAL: Global MX-5 Cup Steering Column Update to 2019 (Tilt and telescoping)
TSB January 24 2019 Steering Column Update