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Technical Information and Downloads for Current Global MX-5 Cup Car Owners

Global MX-5 Cup Race Car - Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

Modifications to the Global MX-5 Cup race car are adopted based on customer feedback or technical need.  Those modifications are announced via a Technical Service Bulletin to all car owners from Long Road Racing.  A TSB will either be required for a homologated car entered in a series or optional as stated in the TSB contentClick here for all Global MX-5 Cup car Technical Service Bulletins.

Global MX-5 Cup Race Car - Documentation

All new Global MX-5 Cup cars are delivered with a set of documents on a USB memory stick attached to the steering wheel of the car.  If you have misplaced your documentation click here for downloadable replacements.

Global MX-5 Cup Race Car - AiM Configurations

Global MX-5 Cup cars include the AiM MXL-2 data system.. The latest Data Configuration file for the AiM data system can be downloaded from the AiM configuration page.

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