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  Options available for your Global MX-5 Cup race car 

Your Global MX-5 Cup race car can be ordered with any of the options below which will be installed at assembly of the car, or can be added to your car at a later time with included instructions.

SADEV sequential gear box kit

A sequential gear box is wonderful addition to what has proven to be the already perfect track-day car.  While not for use in Gloal MX-5 Cup, Pirelli World Challenge, or SCCA T3 series, the sequential transmission with auto-blip downshift is a fun and fast way to get around the track or use in other applicable racing classes / series.

We offer the SADEV sequential gear box in a  kit that can be installed in a newly-ordered car or added to a previously driven car either at our shop or yours with our thorough instructions.  The installation instructions, operation video, AiM data system and GEMS ECU update instructions / files can be downloaded from the SADEV installation instructions page. 

A quick video of the car with the sequential gearbox on track can be found here.

Custom interior cage and paint color

The cage and interior tub of the Global MX-5 Cup car is painted with a single stage automotive-grade paint in a medium gray color and baked in our paint booth.  While we find that the color is very practical for most purposes we offer custom color options.  If you would like a custom color to match your helmet, company logo, or favorite color, any single stage automotive paint can be selected.  Additionally we can work with you to custom-match the paint to your color sample.

Homologated Weights

Weight plates for the ballast box are available in both 10 and 5 lb. units and mount to the interior of the ballast box which is bolted to the passenger floor at the seat mounting points.  Purchasing ballast at time of car delivery is most economical in order to save on future shipping costs.  Ballast necessary depends on individual racing series requirements. 


Tires available for purchase from Long Road Racing at any time are:
BFGoodrich slick
BFGoodrich rain
BFGoodrich DOT (used for those series that mandate a DOT approved tire)

(As a convenience to racers ordering new cars, RAYS wheels for additional tires ordered can be added and will include mounting and balancing.)


Mazda Motorsports hard top

The official Mazda Motorsports hard top can be added to your new car purchase.  This top is required for some series and optional for track day use.  Painting (or wrapping) the top and installation is also available.

Right side seat kit

Because the Global MX-5 Cup car roll cage was designed for either a left hand or right hand drive option, the cage is equally safe with complete door bars on both sides.  This provides ultimate safety to a passenger in your race car with a few additions... We offer a complete kit to facilitate having an instructor or passenger ride safely and comfortably on the right side of your car.  The kit includes: the right side seat plate which mounts to the factory mount points (and is used in lieu of the ballast box) used to attach a racing seat, a floor pan foot rest with grip tape, FIA certified roll bar padding (all pictured here), and FIA certified seat belts (not pictured here).  We naturally recommend that you provide your passenger the same quality seat with halo that you have chosen for yourself. 

Transport side windows

To help weather protect the car during open trailer transport or within the paddock, Lexan side windows with aluminum for stability custom engineered to fit the dimensions of the hard top are available.
Installed AiM Smarty Cam with necessary data hub and cables

The AiM Smarty Cam is designed to integrated to the AiM MXL2 Data System which in included on the race car.  Purchase of this item includes free installation and set-up at car assembly.

AiM Data System additional sensors

The AiM MXL2 data system that comes standards in all Global MX-5 Cup cars has a wide variety of additional sensors that can be added to increase the monitoring capability in the race car.  We stock and can install some of the more widely requested sensors to measure and display specific readings for:
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Transmission temperature

Pit lane speed limiter

Pit lane speed limiting capability can be set and used to restrict car speed with this capability, recommended for those series that have an enforced pit lane speed limit.

Windshield tear-offs

As a convenience, we have partnered with a local company to install tear-offs to protect the new windshield from pitting and damage before you get your car out on the track.

Office chair base

Global MX-5 Cup cars are delivered with the Mazda MX-5 factory seat to facilitate getting it on and off the trailer.  During initial setup you will need to have your own race seat installed in the car on the provided seat plate. 

We have available for purchase an office chair seat base and a custom engineered bracket designed to mount the factory seat to the chair base.   The kit includes the chrome seat base with casters, pneumatic lift, tilt plate, custom bracket, hardware and instructions.  This is a great conversation piece for your home office or conference room.  We also offer office chairs complete with with seat if colleagues in your office need one too.  Pictured here with our chief of security, Guinness, who always picks the comfy chair for staff meetings.